onsdag 6. januar 2010

Two green Kusmi Teas

Kusmi Tea, Green Zoubrovka; (Green China tea with Buffalo grass scents)
Deep lemon yellow, grass, slightly perfumed herbs, hints of floral notes, like if you cut roses. Mellow and a good mouthfeel, soft texture, very elegant, rounded, elegant more than complex. Ok finish. 83

Kusmi Tea, Gunpowder green tea;
Light amber, greenish hue. Herbal notes, some green freshly cut grass and hay. Lighter texture but more intece aromas, some coal, maybe nuts and wheet. Then bamboo shoots. Intence and quite long finish. 87

Twinings Darjeeling

Twinings, Origins, Darjeeling; (Tea bag)
Deep amber, green rim. Some floral touch, easy, hints of citrus, slightly perfumed and crushed weeds. Quite nice structure, a bit mellow, a bit hollow aftertaste. Not too bad for a tea bag. 60

torsdag 17. desember 2009

Two Earl Grey's

Les Palais Des Thés, Blue of London, Earl Grey Du Yunnan;
Medium light Amber colour. Very elegant use og bergamot, tiny hints of smoke aromas and citrus, lime, fresh lemon, hints of roses in the back, just beautifull and elegant and perfectly balanced aromas. Very transparent. Acts more like a green tea than a black, very subtle and elegant, very good length. 90

Les Palais Des Thés, Thé Des Lords, Earl Grey;
Amber colour, a bit more bergamot and quite more citrus, but more orange and mandarin, also some rose hips and slight spicy note. A bit perfumed, thouch of vanilla, roses and tulips. Very elegant black tea, more of bergamot and lemon in the mouth, good intencity and elegance. Very long finish. 88

Two Taylors of Harrogate Green Teas

Taylors of Harrogate, Special Rare, China Green Leaf Tea, Mao Feng;
Very pale lemon yellow, very subtle nose of bomboo, leafy and grassy notes, tiny hints of someting floral, very elegant and delicate. Structure ike velvet, bamboo shoots, transparent and tender, still the taste lingers on for a long time. Made only from the buds and the first two leaves. 89

Taylors of Harrogate, Good Luck Green Leaf Tea, Pi Lo Chun;
Very pale golden, more grassy and green leaves, still subtle, but more intence than the one above. Slight hint of floral notes and citrus, More intencity in the mouth, a bit fuller body, very leafy and elegant, perfect balance, more structure and easy to like. Very long finish. 85

onsdag 16. desember 2009

Two Mariage Freres very different Black Teas

Mariage Freres Breakfast Earl Grey, Black Tea;
Deep amber-orange-red colour, lots of bergamot, but very elegant nose, some vanilla, floral and lime and lemon, maybe even some orange peel, some floral notes, tiny hint of jasmin far behind. Very elegant and balanced Earl Grey, one of the best, long and complex, but in no way show off. So balanced and good in the mouth it would be a true shame to ad anything in it, sugar or milk. 87

Mariage Freres Lapsang Souchong Imperial, Smokey Black Tea;
Medium amber colour, bond fire, smoke, charcoal, smells like your sweatshirt after an evening to close to the fireplace after burning with not too dry wood. Extremelly intence, fills the room with aromas, even comes out of the metall box. Also some incence spicy notes, like Tibetan Gompa (Tibetan room for prayers and spiritual activities), very intence nose, not for the faint hearted this tea. Well balanced and elegant actually on the palate, flavours like a great smoked ham. Fresh finish and long length. 90

Two Mariage Freres Green teas, very different.

Mariage Freres, Fuji Yama, Japanese Green Tea;
pale lemon yellow, fresh leaves, almost bamboo shoots, green leaves, sushi rice, then herbal notes, hay, very elegant and quite complex. Good balance, not the most intence, very elegant again, a transparent and on the leaner side green tea, but so tender, just beautifull. Gets more and more flavours as it cools down a bit. Good length. 88

Mariage Freres, Bouddha Bleu, Fruity Green Tea;
Light golden colour, some elegant and sweet floral notes, roses, hyacinth, blackcurrants, just hints of blueberries and strawberry jam behind, quite complex. More body, extremely velvety and silk like structure, great balance, the fruit character is there by flavour, but it manages not to be sweet, and just keeps elegant. Great finish. 88

torsdag 26. november 2009

One perfumed green tea and one black from Mariage Freres

Mariage Freres, Montagne de Jade, perfumed green tea;
Dark lemon yellow, very delicate mouthfeel, aromas of a botanical garden, roses, lavendel hints, hibiscus, caprifol, perfume, hints of green notes in the back and orange flowers with lemon hints. Very complex and pleasant, but not the longest aftertaste. Transparent. A personal favorite. 88

Mariage Freres, The au Tibet, flowery black tea;
Amber with green rim, perfumed and some roses, very beautifull and intence smell, like a very elegant and floral Earl Grey, but much more elegant and transparent, some bergamot, lime and lemon, caprifol, anis, small hint in the back of white chocolate and vanilla. Soothing and tender mouthfeel, very long and pleasant aftertaste. Another personal favorite. 91